Advisory Services for Architects

Engineering for renovations and modernisations

Analysis, integration, adaptation, ancillary service management…

Acoustic studies

Emissions and insulation

Vibration and comfort studies

Monitoring of vibrations transmitted to buildings and quality in terms of user experience

Energy performance studies

Assessment, classification and certification.

Credits for the sustainable certification of buildings


Advice on Buildings whithout Lifts / Products

Regulatory consultancy
Regulatory studies, analysis of deviations from regulations, certifications...
Turnkey projects
Complete solutions
Vertical traffic studies
Maximum efficiency, value for money and quality of service
Technical consultancy support during design phase
Integration, drawings, calculations, 3D images, simulations...
RAMI and RAMS studies
Guarantee of reliability, availability, maintainability, accessibility and operating safety
Environmental impact studies and reports
Environmental declarations for products
Technical site assistance
Measurements, risk analysis, commissioning, quality plans...
Special installations
EMC, electromagnetic fields, radiation, special atmospheric conditions, earthquakes, specific technical requirements...

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MP is a company dedicated to designing lift solutions. We specialise in lifts, but we also offer a wide range of products, such as escalators, moving walkways and other lifting devices.

MP is an integrated company. We take care of the design, manufacturing and installation of new lifts, as well as of maintenance, renovations and modernisation of existing lifts.

We boast more than 30 years in the lift sector. MP installs lifts in more than 100 countries on all five continents. MP is a global company.

We deal with end users, owners, architects and other companies related to construction and the maintenance of lifts.

We provide users and owners with maintenance, renovation and modernisation services for their lifts. We like to build relationships based on trust and transparency. We adapt so that architects are able to include the solutions they need in their designs.

We are the ideal partner for the lift companies we work with. We support these companies in their work with reliable lifts and the very best and most comprehensive package of support services known amongst our competitors (MP Support Service).

Thanks to our constant focus on R&D&I, we design lifts which are technologically advanced and which have devices and solutions to improve their maintenance of lifts (including remote maintenance) from leading brands.

With our motto “ENJOY WORKING”, goes a particular way of understanding the company, which is dedicated to the development of its people, placing them at the very heart of its strategy.