We innovate with each product and service
that we design for a customer.

Design is our differentiation key stone.

Our staff at MP also helps to make a difference by taking an active part in the design, delivering creativity to generate ideas, turning these ideas into value for our customers thanks to innovation.

An innovative ecosystemwhich favours design.

Our corporate architecture is different, open to others’ participation, with an innovative ecosystem which boosts design thanks to our:

In-house knowledge system. 30 years’ experience and developing knowledge.

  • 200 engineers with professional experience and successful path.
  • 3% investment on R+D upon sales continuously over the past few years..
  • Labs and testing centres..

External knowledge system. The best projects combine in-house and external knowledge.

  • We favour a constant innovation process by maintaining collaboration agreements with universities and technological centres..

Cooperation. Together we go further.

  • Cooperation agreements with technological and advanced service companies.
  • Cooperation agreements with customers and suppliers..

Innovation management system. The key is to correctly combine creativity and process.

  • Boosting creativity..
  • Innovation processes..

Environmental Impact

We contribute to sustainability by implementing Environmental Management Systems and introducing eco-design techniques.

  • ISO 14001 certification.
  • Implementation of environmental indicators in product design (ECODESIGN).
  • Environmental declaration in accordance with ISO 14021, based on LCA in accordance with ISO 14040/44 standards (MPGO).
  • Certification of energy efficiency in accordance with VDI 4707.
  • Three credits for BREEAM certification

Certifications of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health.

We strive for continuous improvement to exceed customer expectations.

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