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We have a wide variety of operating panels, both column and medium height, in different colors, made of extruded thermoplastic polyester, stainless steel. We also have finishes with photographs that you can choose from our files or upload yourself. The one that best suits your project.

Fusion Color Operating panel

Material: extruded thermoplastic polyester (PET). Aluminium frame in black or grey

New operating panel concept

  • Easy-to-access folding operating panels for maintenance.
  • Fusion operating panels (half height): 1535 x 240 (mm) / Full Height Column (full height): 2040 x 230 (mm).

Fusion JL Operating panel

Material: extruded thermoplastic polyester (PET). Aluminium frame in black or grey

Fusion Supra Operating panel

Material: stainless steel. Aluminium frame in black

FULL HEIGHT COLUMN Operating panel

  • Full height <
  • Option of flush operating panel ( except VILITER ) <
  • Available in firefighters lifts EN 81-72 <
  • Available in anti-vandal lifts EN 81-71 <

FUSION Operating panel

  • >  Partial height
  • >  Wide range of finishes
  • >  Customizable even with images

Full Height Column Operating panel

Height: 2040 x 230 mm. Material: stainless steel.


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We have a wide range of customizable TFT or LCD displays. The new TFT designs with high image quality, allow clearer and more accurate information for the user.

DISPLAYS TFT-070E and LCD-070E with MP ecoGO operation.

DISPLAYS TFT-043 and 639 with Via Series or MicroBASIC operations.

DISPLAY VS-LCD with Via Series operation.

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