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The installation of a lift, once obtained the building license and finished the shaft where it will be located, ranges from approximately two to four weeks.

MP offers customized lifts, adapted to the needs of each building. Maximum versatility in the design to achieve spacious cars and the greatest door light combined with safety, comfort and an aesthetic according to the environment in all our projects.

Yes, our designs adapt to the profile of the shaft: trapezoidal, triangular, circular or any geometric shape cars are the ideal solution for irregular shafts.

MP lifts offers you single-phase 220V lifts, with reduced consumption, both with electrical and hydraulic technology, without the need to install and register a new line.

MP Lifts have automatic rescue systems to take the lift to the floor and open doors, thus allowing easy evacuation of passengers.

In addition to an extensive catalogue of car models, MP Lifts has a wide range of customized finishing options with which you can decorate the car to your taste.

In addition to an extensive catalogue of car models, MP Lifts has a wide range of customized finishing options with which you can decorate the car to your taste.

Yes, we have life cycle analysis tools (ecoindicator 99) that allow us to evaluate the ecological profile of each of our products, anticipating compliance with Directive 2009/125/EC.

A building with a lift is safer and more comfortable for residents of any age, whether they are babies or seniors. A lift in the building also makes it more attractive to new residents. For many families with children, or older couples, the safety and comfort of having a lift makes the difference between buying an apartment and continuing to look.

It is now possible to install a lift in any building. And it’s easier than you think. MP Lifts provides support and coordination at every stage of the project, from planning to installation and maintenance.

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Aesthetics: endless possibilities for your projects

Discover our range of cars, operating panels and LOP,
and use our CarDesigner to design your project’s car yourself.

We provide you with tools that give you autonomy and allow you to provide a better service to your client, helping you with various tasks and phases of your projects.

Design, customize and 3D display your car.

Installation drawings with indications for the work.

Lift floor drawings.

Ordering tool for complete lift. Easy and smart ordering.

Configuration and monitoring applications for MP ecoGO controller on PC, updates.

Más herramientas digitales MP

Diseña, personaliza y visualizaba en 3D tu cabina.

Planos de instalación con indicaciones para la obra.

Planos de planta de ascensor.

Herramienta de toma de pedido para ascensor completo. Toma de pedido fácil e inteligente.

Aplicaciones de configuración y monitorización para la maniobra MP ecoGO en PC, actualizaciones.

Más herramientas digitales MP

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