ARCO R&D Innovation Ecosystem 

At its factory on the Calonge Industrial Park in Seville, MP has a building which houses an R&D lab.

ARCO is our innovation model, based on the in-house expertise of our engineers, in addition to an external system of knowledge, an innovation management model, and laboratory and testing systems.


The objective of the lab is to ensure design requirements are met. Here, particular emphasis is placed on the RELIABILITY and SAFETY of the components and solutions.

Having our own lab allows us to be more competitive and cut our time to market.

This applies to both our own designs as well as approving external components used for our solutions.

Work carried out

The main work carried out in our lab involves testing. Virtual tests are also carried out by way of simulations, prototype assemblies, functional tests on prototypes and final tests prior to launching new products.

Tests are carried out on real samples in our test tower.

Testing capacity

At MP’s laboratories, we are able to carry out tests pertaining to around 100 different categories, of which the following are particularly noteworthy: electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety, climate, acoustics and vibrations, functional movement, fatigue, failure modes, software functionality, assembly methods, etc.

Lab resources

The test instruments and equipment, which include around 200 items, can be grouped into four categories:



We have a 24-metre-high modular tower with capacity for four lifts. The tower is equipped with sensors and all the necessary protective measures in order to keep workers safe.

At this tower, we can test banks of four connected lifts up to a speed of 1.6 m/s.

Furthermore, we have a 10-metre-high hydraulic tower, a specific tower to carry out SAFETY tests on safety gears and 2 towers to undertake functional software tests.




Focused mainly on lift doors and machines, the lab has all the test benches and tools necessary in order to ensure strict compliance with the majority of requirements found in applicable standards.

Tests for all other relevant requirements are carried out by accredited bodies.



The difference in speed caused by changes in versions of hardware and software (the difference being bigger in the latter case) requires simulation systems which ensure the correct implementation of new features and the compatibility of new versions with what has already been installed. This allows us to continuously improve the features of our products.


These are done in a fully equipped electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) lab, which has a pre-certification semi-anechoic chamber, instruments to carry out functional tests, a climatic test chamber and equipment to check electrical safety.