MP LIFTS SCHOOL – New online training sessions

On 9 July, the last two of our ‘Thursdays at MP’ webinars took place. These were designed for our Authorised Distributors and their aim is to ensure we maintain close relations within the context of COVID-19, which has made seeing you in person much more difficult, as well as inform you about goings-on at MP.

They began in May and a total of 17 free 45-minute webinars were organised, during which we provided you with relevant information on:

Products and services: MP’s range of products, solutions in response to COVID-19, the ecoGO controller, optimising installation and commissioning, types of modernisation projects and modernisation projects using SERVICEnter.

Marketing and sales: marketing and sales tools, and the MP website as a sales tool.

To see the full programme, click HERE

The sessions were given in Spanish and English, as well as one in French, at times which meant that dealers in different time zones could connect. A total of representatives of 106 authorised dealers from 40 countries and 5 continents watched them live,  The sessions were recorded and sent to those who had registered but were unable to attend.

In light of their success and the good response from our clients, we will resume our webinars in September, using a similar format, although on topics unrelated to COVID-19 and as part of the MP Lifts School CPD programme.