Christmas is coming to MP Lifts, so we have launched the first edition of the Christmas card competition for the children of the MP Team.

Our aim is to encourage the creativity of our kids and have them capture their vision of Christmas on paper, in one of our lifts or with a special focus on lifts solutions and vertical mobility.

We take pride in supporting children’s creativity and their Christmas spirit and winning artwork is MP’s official international greeting for this year, which will be sent to all our clients and suppliers.

Merry Christmas!


Luuk Koedijk, 8 years old


Mariam García García, 10 years old

Jeanne Theron, 10 years old

Maria Anastasia Buga, 12 years old

Irene Lama Centeno, 6 years old

Elena Lama Centeno, 10 years old

Olivia Cabeza Fernández, 7 years old

Emma Russo, 10 years old

Felipe Cabezas Reina, 9 years old

Helena Cabeza Fernández, 12 years old

Julia Urbano Sánchez, 10 years old

Sara Reja Ramos, 8 years old

Sergio Reja Ramos, 5 years old

Cristina López Roldán, 11 years old

Hugo Vinaixa Ceña, 8 years old

Irene Vera González, 9 years old

Lena Suchacz, 10 years old

Hugo Bermúdez Montín, 9 years old

Paula García Vargas, 11 years old

Olimpia Bartolomé Gutiérrez, 8 years old

Margaux Beaufils, 8 years old

Tymon Suchacz, 8 years old

Nicolás Lorao Calvo, 6 years old

Alejandro de Miguel Abajo Abad Mayor, 12 years old

Álvaro Maldonado Muñoz, 9 years old