As of today, MP Lifts is participating in the world’s largest trade fair for the lift sector, Interlift 2023, in Augsburg (Germany), with a strong commitment to digital development in design, manufacture, maintenance and modernisation of lifts under the motto ‘All in One Partner’.

The company, now consolidated as the seventh largest operator of the sector in Europe, presents all the news related to its IoL (Internet of Lifts) ecosystem of connected lifts for remote connection between lifts, technicians and users.

This technology, providing detailed information on elevators, allows technicians to remotely perform all kinds of actions and opens the door to new functions for owners and users, who can monitor the service level of their lifts. Furthermore, they get access to information about ongoing issues, fault logs, alarms and test call errors, as well as availability and traffic statistics.

MP Lifts was a pioneer in developing a platform for connected lifts in 2009. It was commercially deployed in 2015 and now, in 2023, the company is releasing a new architecture, more flexible, and a new website, with responsive technology, more user-friendly and with further information.

Another company’s new product on exhibition at this international meeting is MP Deby, an online configurator that allows users to design and quote their own lift immediately, with the desired aesthetics and to configure it à la carte. It also makes to get lift plans, including BIM format, quotations, to shorten lead times and improve the service quality, since it is fully integrated with the manufacturing processes.

Lifts modernisation

The European lift fleet is more than 6.6 million units and 50% of this figure is estimated to be more than 30 years old. EU policies -promoting the circular economy, improving energy efficiency, increasing safety, improving accessibility…- are encouraging modernisation, MP has therefore created a new department specifically for this market: ELO2.

At this week’s international trade fair, the company is presenting its wide range of components for modernisation, as well as new complete solutions in the form of kits for the modernising electric lifts with a machine rooms machine roomless and hydraulic lifts. Also, the developments related to the MP ecoGO controller, with its own design, frequency inverter and manufacturing process, which can now control most of the machines in the existing lift fleet, including those of multinational manufacturers.

In terms of new features for cars, the company is presenting the NEW VILITER car, which allows a quick installation by a single person from the inside, saving 4 hours assembly time. This new model is more comfortable (noise is reduced by 1 to 2 dB inside), and more eco-efficient by reducing its weight in 5%.

Some pictures of the MP Lifts stand: