In January 2022, the journalist and host of “La Linterna” (the lantern) on COPE radio, Ángel Expósito, travelled to Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, in the midst of armed conflict, and heard first-hand, among other stories, the one of a small school run by three Spanish nuns, Antonia, María Jesús and María. There, they teach Spanish to children belonging to low-income families, mainly aged between 5 and 10, who play and learn and who, above all, find peace and refuge.

Amid the armed conflict, which has been going on for more than 500 days, the journalist reported this story and the day-to-day life of this educational centre, where new boilers were needed, as well as a lift so that the elderly nuns who run it could access the upper floors. This is when MP Lifts stepped in, in a spirit of solidarity, by donating a lift and contributing to this humanitarian cause.

“What is really important is the work done by the Dominican Sisters and the entire Congregation of Saint Dominic in Kiev for years. We just did our bit for this cause”, emphasised Eugenio Barroso, CEO of MP Lifts, in an interview given to journalist Manuel Salvador on the programme Herrera en COPE.

This project began last year, and it continued to progress despite the evacuation of the school due to safety concerns.

The development of this project has been made possible thanks to the collaboration with the local company Karat, “which has been fully committed at all times”, acknowledged Eugenio Barroso, as well as two other fundamental people; Lonya and Walter, who have given all their support on the ground.

“MP Lifts consists of a business part and a philanthropic part, channelled through the Valentín de Madariaga y Oya Foundation“, noted the CEO of MP, who highlighted the large social work and the projects that are being developed.

Some pictures of the reception of the lift and installation process.